Dad's Creepy Face Swapping With Kids & Relatives Is Pure Nightmare Fuel (And Very Funny Too)

I'm sure by now you couldn't have failed to miss online pictures and videos of the latest smartphone app trend of face swapping. Face Swap Live hit Apple's App Store last December and it meant for 99 cents you could download the app and swap faces with people in real-time.

You could also put your head on someone else's or place someone's face on yours.

The result is surreal and weird as mismatched faces appear before you like some kind of freaky Tim and Eric sketch. It's simple, childish, utterly terrifying fun. The kind of fun that is so popular the app is currently sitting at the number one spot on the paid-for app charts.

To get an idea of what all the fuss is about, you can see exactly what type of horrorshows the app can throw up in the video above by Viner and dad Woodsie.

Over the holidays he used the app to swap faces with his kids and relatives, then put it all together for a creepy and hilarious compilation. The results are both hilarious and terrifying.

No doubt this is a new cultural milestone we're witnessing. Something to tell your children about. Then swap faces with them.

For more freaky face swap terrors that will chill you to the very bone, check out some of the pics below.


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06 - c7uJFWZ
07 - ABCRzpc
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12 - KcF9WpM
13 - K816DA8
14 - HmrTOff
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16 - eomYoH1
17 - cHDFUKd
18 - VhkTW0i

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