Look Out Planet Earth, This Kid's Definitely Going To Be The Next Beer Pong Champion Of The World

If you wanted to be a contender at this activity then you really have to be a young kid with a whole summer's worth of time on your hands in order to attain the skills to be able to pull off some of these ping-pong cup shots.

Even if each shot took an epic amount of takes, which he hints at by saying "This took longer to make than I would have thought," the end result is worth it.

Because this guy is going to be the next beer pong champion of planet earth, and hopefully he can cash in on it and rise to become a superstar of global proportions.

Then, when he's swimming in money like Scrooge McDuck he'll realise all these hours weren't wasted.

You can check out his first video below, which he doesn't seem to want to talk about. "It it so bad in comparison to the second one in my opinion." he laments.

Hey, it's still better than anybody I know could do.

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