Heart-Melting Video Shows Touching Moment When Mom With Alzheimer’s Recognises Her Daughter

Kelly Gunderson's 87-year-old mom has Alzheimer’s and as such doesn't recognize her when she visits her in hospital. You can only imagine how painful that must feel, so it's an emotional experience when her mom does recognize her, if only for a moment.

Gunderson notes on YouTube how her mom often mistakes her for her cousin, but this time, if only briefly, they connect again as mother and daughter. Lying together in bed they start talking with Gunderson eventually asking "But do you know who I am though?”

Then, amazingly, her mom says "Uh-huh. Kelly.” and Ms Gunderson replies, “Yes, momma, yes I am Kelly!” The daughter breaks out into a smile before the mom continues: “Well I love Kelly. Didn’t I name you Kelly?” and they both start laughing.

It's a real "There's something in my eye" moment. After posting the video a few days ago it's received over 4 million views as well as lots of heartfelt congrats. Ms Gunderson replied to all the positivity (and, sadly, the douchebagging negative a-holes too) in a YouTube comment.

Thank you everyone for the nice comments. This was put on YouTube to bless others who have family members going through this. I am sad about the negative comments, although i am not effective by them. God gave me a moment with my mother remembering who I was. (Plus i am an identical twin which makes it even more special.) which doesn't happen often. Lots of time I am a cousin.

Kelly shot the heart-felt video of her mom last year and the good news is that she is still going strong as these recent videos (below) shows.

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