Late For Class Ladies? Two Japanese Schoolgirls Get To Chase Each Across Rooftops Like Ninjas

Ninjas, ninjas everywhre. And schoolgirls. The Japanese culture is both weird and wonderful, whatever they put in the water over there definitely has a strange influence on their view of everything. Very strange.

And as if we ever needed to prove it the media that emegres from Japan (mostly through the internet) offers a slightly surreal and amusing perspective on life. The video above is a great example of what i mean.

Meanwhile, in the city of Atami, Japan two schoolgirls start shooting a video of each other on their smartphones and then, before you know it, they're leaping off rooftops and backflipping like ninjas.

Even using smoke bombs and ninja stars as they chase each other.

But this isn't just your standard way Japanese kids like to relax, it's an ad filled with crazy stunts that will have you questioning exactly how they managed to do it. CGI, camera trickery or brave stunt people?

Probably a mixture of all three.


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