Start The New Year With A Bang: Here's What It Looks Like When A Fireworks Factory Explodes

You know how you imagined how epic and ridiculous it would be if a fireworks factory exploded? Well, you don't have to imagine any more. Because a guy managed to capture it happening on video, as a fireworks factory in a town called Granada just outside of Bogota, Colombia erupted into fiery chaos.

In the video the blast from the explosion is so great it knocks the guy filming it off his feet. Then once the deafening explosion subsides, you can the hear the fizz and see the streaks of fireworks flying into the sky, as smoke pours everywhere.

The explosion was so great, at first firefighters were unable to get near the blaze, but eventually got it under control. The place where it erupted was situated next to a highway which is frequently used by travelers and a passing truck driver suffered some minor injuries, which was something of a miracle considering the mighty boom of the explosion.

Authorities are determining what the cause of it was. Whatever started it, it finished with five warehouses storing gunpowder being completely destroyed.

So yeah, Happy New Year.


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