This Legendary 20yr Old Michigan Kid Hosts The Party Of The Century

If you are ever thinking of throwing an epic house party then James Taylor from Michigan will be the guy you need to bring on-board to transform it into a seriously memorable event, not just for you, but your guests, neighbors, family, townsfolk and everyone else in the state where you reside.

Don't believe me then check out this TV news broadcast follow-up (day after) story on the party that 'cool-as-cucumber' James threw at his house for 2000 guests, taking note of the the way he handles all of those 'difficult' questions from the interviewer like a seasoned politician. I'm also loving how there is a random guy passed out on the floor all the while they are interviewing him - This man is a freaking legend!

Ok, so i'm sure there are a few questions still burning in our mind that we all want to ask before we can take James seriously--Is that beard real? Is he really 20 years old? And where the hell were his parents and neighbors throughout all of this mayhem? All minor points, but important ones that need answers.

However, from now on (to steal a quote from College Humor), "All house parties will now be judged on the "James Taylor Party Scale."

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