The 'Knuckle Visualizer' - A Synth Made From Toy Ducks, Jelly Beans, And Russian Dolls

It's a synthesiser, but unlike any synthesiser you've seen before. Because this synthesiser replaces your standard, and let's be honest dull, knobs and dials with objects that are far more fun.

Objects like mini rubber ducks, jelly beans, and matryoshka dolls. This unusual setup is complimented by equally unusual visuals, which include equalizers and waveforms made of yarn or penned in notebooks in cutesy, kitschy ways.

The short experimental animation is called Knuckle Visualizer and is by Korean motion graphics studio Minimalogue with music by Stereo Cool. "We used a different approach on audio visualizing based on a completely different medium and art work." Minimalogue say, "The idea was initially inspired from the Analogue Synthesizers design."

You can check out a making-of video below, in case you fancied building a Knuckle Visualizer yourself.

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