Super Beatbox Bros.! Beatboxers Do Battle As 3D Holographic Video Game Avatars

Imagine a battle between two beatboxers, but filtered through the mania of a beat 'em up video game, complete with superpowered special moves, powerups, and combos—that's pretty much what's going on in this insane video.

The fighting characters were designed by Japanese animator Seiichiro Shimizu and are fuelled by the sound the beatboxers make. The sound is translated into Street Fighter II style moves and performed on stage next to the beatmakers thanks to holographic technology.

It makes for a spectacular visualisation of the beat-battle taking place between the two contestants. The YouTube upload of the vid describes it as "Live human beatbox battle with interactive 3D holographic characters, arranged in a style of fighting games."

Someone needs to do this for rap battles, stat.

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