The Moment When A 13 Year Old Girl Sees A Vinyl LP Record For The First Time In Her Life

Everyone remembers the days of vinyl records, right? If you are old enough you probably had LP's of your own with a record player to listen to them on, or at the very least your parents did. Sure you did, right?

The following testimony from a young teenage girl and the video evidence above will suddenly make you old.

And by old i mean very old.

The shock! The horror! 13-year-old Athena, a digital native is beside herself when her dad shows her an LP for the very first time in her life.

She can’t seem to fathom why it’s so huge and why it’s got so little songs on it — well that’s the analog world for you (well, that's not entirely true, hipsters aside, vinyl is stating to make a comeback).

And don’t even get her started on the idea of having to put a needle on it to listen to the damn thing.

Once you watch this video (and of course you are the right age to remember using a LP) it's a guaranteee that you will be left feeling instantly ancient, a resident from a bygone world that no longer exists.

It’s scary.

For those of you who might harbor some doubt that this is real check out the video below as Athena takes a moment to address all those who maintain that her appearance in "Athena Vs. the LP" was staged.

The temerity! The sheer, unalloyed temerity!

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