Presidential Avengers: Uncivil War—Hilarious Mashup Sees Hillary Clinton Battle Donald Trump

If Marvel's Avengers are earth's mightiest heroes, what happens when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump join their ranks? Well, perhaps they become less mighty and more, um, mouthy?

In this very funny mashup video by Australian satirist Huw Parkinson, Hillary becomes Captain Clinton and Donald becomes Iron Trump as they're inserted into the Avengers saga using quotes from their first debate.

It's a superhero showdown for a decidedly unheroic election campaign, but it's edited together brilliantly by Parkinson. Trump, of course, comes off like a bragging, ego-driven oaf—so he's perfect as Iron Man because like Stark he's a cocksure billionaire, unlike Stark he doesn't have Robert Downey Jr.'s charm and charisma.

With the final debate happening on Wednesday, it's an entertaining way to have a quick recollection of how it's all been going so far.

Which is to say, a fight between two fictional superheroes seems more measured than the 2016 race for the Whitehouse.

But with election day looming there's not going to be a superhero who can come in and save America from the villainous Trump. Only voting can do that.


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