Donald Gay Trump: Hilarious British Comedian Peter Serafinowicz Redubs Trump With Camp Voice

Donald Trump has been nurturing his personality cult in his campaigning for the upcoming presidency elections with some inflammatory, hate-filled speeches, talking a lot about the things he dislikes about America.

One thing he isn't very keen on is gay marriage, so that makes it extra amusing that British comedian and voice of Darth Maul Peter Serafinowicz has redubbed Trump's South Carolina victory speech, word-for-word, giving him a camp, stereotypical "gay voice."

The result is "Donald Gay Trump" and this new voice seems to fit him really well.

So well in fact that it almost seems like the catty words were changed too, but none of the words from the speech have been tampered with, just the delivery. It's astonishing. And totally brilliant.

It's not the first time voice actor Serafinowicz has redubbed Trump, he's turned redubbing his speeches with comedic voices into an entire series. They are totally worth a viewing.

Previously he's given Trump a sophisticated accent and a cockney accent straight from a Guy Ritchie movie.

Check out the hilarious London eastender Trump-ism below.

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