'Bad Lip Reading' Of Donald Trump's Inauguration Day Is Guaranteed To Cheer You Up

It's been nearly a week of president Trump and every day America wakes up wondering just what's going to happen next. Amongst the silencing of scientists, the alternative facts, the lying about crowd sizes at his inauguration, his hatred of certain media and news networks, the declarations of wall building and bringing back banned torture methods, to name but a few so far. It almost gets you excited wondering about what's next.

Needless to say there has been plenty of humor from the internet's collective mocking.

So if you needed some well-earned cheering up then look no further than this brilliant alternative video of the POTUS' inauguration. It comes courtesy of Bad Lip Reading and it puts a new, very comedic and absurd spin on the events of the 20th January 2017.

We finally get to find out what was in that blue Tiffany box, it was pretzels, and we get some insight into what Obama and Trump were discussing. And, well, according to Bad Lip Reading they weren't exchanging pleasantries.

"Now I pretend I like you, but I hate you, inside." proclaims Trump to which Obama merrily responds, "You're a creep!"—if they weren't actually saying that to each other, it can't be far off what they were thinking.

And then there's Vice President Mike Pence's swearing in, where he talks about how he was disappointed that Atlantis hadn't been found yet and how the new kid smells like falafel.

It's all kinds of hilarious.

‘Bad Lip Reading’ Of Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day

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