Comedian Jim Jefferies Tears Apart Supporters Of Donald Trump Calling Them 'Dumb As Sh*t'

No matter what it might be, everyone has an opinion on Donal Trump. Australian comedian Jim Jefferies makes his opinion, and what he thinks about Trump's supporters, very clear in this segment taken from his Netflix special Freedumb.

Jefferies is not a man to mix his words either, whether he's talking about gun control or America breeding dumb kids, and he doesn't hold back with what he thinks of Trump supporters calling them "dumb as sh*t."

In fact he says, "“What happens is he [Trump] says really simple sh*t that means nothing and then f*cking dummies—If you have ever said this sentence: ‘I like him because he’s a straight talker,’ you’re as dumb as sh*t. Just because someone says something simple that you understand doesn’t mean they’re a straight talker. You can say something complex and be telling the truth.”

You can really feel his disdain for the wannabe president who he says preys on fear, fear of terrorism, fear of Mexican rapists looming at the borders. And he propagates that fear with misinformation.

It's a routine that's not only very funny but is also poignant too, especially when Jefferies talks about how young American Muslims must feel when Trump says they should all be put on a register.

Talking about the Paris attacks in November 2015 by ISIS Jefferies notes that it's a recruitment tool "and a recruitment tool can only work if hate is bred." And Trump is doing a fine job of breeding hate and division.

What if you're a 16-year-old Muslim boy or girl, Jefferies says, and you've lived your entire life in the US. You've always considered yourself American, then a man who could be president says you're not welcome and wants to put you on a register.

"How f*cking quickly could that kid be radicalised now?" Jefferies rages. "He's trying to defeat hate with hate, and hate doesn't beat hate, it's never f*cking beat hate it just makes more hate."

What does beat hate? "Love" says Jefferies finding his inner hippy. "Think about a person who hates you and you hate them. From now on, just show that person nothing but love. Now I’m not saying for a second that, that person will start loving you—they’ll probably still f*cking hate you. But one thing will happen. Eventually, everyone will see them as the a*shole. Don't be the a*shole America, don't be the a*shole."

Check out the trailer for Freedumb below.

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