Hillary Clinton Tells Trump To Delete His Twitter Account, Internet Reacts With Glee And Memes

It's all starting to heat up as the gloves come off on the presidential campaign trail. Hillary Clinton did some expert level trolling on Twitter when she told Donald Trump to delete his account. It all started when Trump made a not very nice comment about Obama endorsing Hilary Clinton as the Democrat Party's presidential candidate.

Trump retorted to the news, as he's done with pretty much anything in the election campaign that he doesn't like, by sending a nasty tweet. It's just like a political version of the Hunger Games, with the contestants down to the last two, and i suspect no undying love for each other is going to be declared in this match.

But this time Clinton, or more accurately her social media team, responded with the perfect reply. One simple line, just three words, that was such a solid burn it rippled across the internet as people collectively flinched at its ferocity. 'Let the Games Begin! And May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor' comes to mind.

Here's Trump's tweet:

And here's Hilary's quickfire response.

Damn, that's got to smart. The term "Delete your account" is an oft-used phrase, meme, and burn on twitter when someone's done something so upsetting or idiotic that the only appropriate response is for them to disappear from the social media service altogether, shrouded in shame.

According to Alex Wall, Clinton's social media director, it was her most retweeted tweet of their campaign so far.

It goes to show, people love a sick burn. Especially if Trump's the recipient. Trump did eventually come back with his own response (below) but it wasn't quite as effective.

The next five months are going to be interesting to say the least. Meanwhile here's some of the reactions and memes as the internet revelled in Hilary's attack.

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