Hilarious Memes Witnesses Joe Biden Pleading With Obama To Play Pranks Donald Trump

If you're one of the many people still reeling from the election result last week—looking ahead to a looming Trump presidency with apprehension and a sense that the next four years can't pass quick enough, then you just might be in need of the healing power of laughter. And Obama and Biden have got your back on this one.

First we had the funny video (above) by Obama from the Final White House Correspondents' Dinner Speech.

Plus everyone loves memes. Memes cheer everyone up and raise a laugh or two.

And in that regard these memes below might be exactly what the doctor ordered. The images feature President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, who have always been portrayed as having a very close friendship, with Biden pleading with Obama to let him prank Trump and Mike Pence when they arrive at the White House.

Played out like a buddy comedy Biden is the prankster looking to leave whoopee cushions everywhere while Obama is the more adult among the two. Head in his hands, he can't let Joe go ahead with it, even if deep down he would love him to.

Not only are they very funny, bringing some cheer to many in need of some, they also work as a nice little goodbye to these two beloved figures. Who will both be departing the White House under somewhat strained circumstances.

Plus, it's just amusing to imagine Biden pulling off some of these pranks. Let's hope they might inspire him to do so. Whatever happens we are definitely going to miss this comedy duo.

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