This Horseshoe Math Problem Is Sending The Internet Into Complete Meltdown

SPOILERS! Whatever you do, DON'T watch the video above just yet if you want to attempt to try and solve a puzzle that's been driving the internet crazy. Have a look at the puzzle below and see if you can solve it before your curiosity gets the better of you and you check the video to see if your answer was the correct one.

There's nothing like a brain teaser on social media to stir people into action. This has been the case with a simple-looking math puzzle featuring a horse, cowboy boots, and a horse shoe.

The puzzle poses four equations where three have an answer, the fourth doesn't and requires you to work out the result from the first three. Sounds pretty easy so far, right?

So naturally that's what people started to do, attempting to derive the value of each symbol—the horse, cowboy boots, and a horseshoe—so they could then determine what the fourth answer is.

Still sounds simple, right? I mean, it's just a kid's puzzle, isn't it? Well, maybe, but it depends whether you rush into it or take some time to consider what you're looking at.

Many people haven't been taking their time and it's meant that, as is always the case with these things, people have been coming up with various different answers. And obviously everyone thinks theirs is the right one.

Facebook user Nejib Tej posted the puzzle back in August and the post has racked up thousands of shares and hundreds of thousands of comments.

Here's the puzzle.


And here are some of the answers people have been giving.


There is, of course, a correct answer. Try and work it out and then watch the video above to find out if you got it correct. One thing to remember is to count how many horseshoes and cowboy boats are in each line. Also remember the BODMAS 'order of operations' rule.

And no fighting.

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