Florida Woman Duct Tapes Dog's Mouth Shut, Posts Picture, Becomes Most Hated Person On Internet

A Florida woman called Katie Brown invoked the wrath of Facebook users when she posted a picture of her dog with its mouth duct taped shut. She used the unorthodox method because her dog wouldn't stop barking.

Obviously proud of what she had achieved, she posted a pic of the duct-tape bound chocolate labrador to Facebook with the caption, "This is what happens when you don't shut up!!!"

Her page is set to public, meaning that anyone can see what she posts, and soon after posting the pic it quickly blew up. And the internet went nuts.

Because, well, people don't take to kindly to animal cruelty and soon her post had been shared over 180,000 times. Facebook loves pets and hates anyone treating them badly.

And now her post has gone viral, but for all the wrong reasons.


The post has since been taken down from Brown's page, but not before people took her to task for treating a dog in such a way. And hurled abuse her way too.

She replied to those people with the following post, which is still online.


She also threatened to reap revenge on whoever exposed her post online, perhaps not realising that her profile is public.


But irregardless of her removing the post and claiming the dog was only duct-taped for a minute, she was reported to the South Daytona police force, where it was believed she lived, for animal cruelty.

In fact, she was reported so many times the police force took to social media to tell people to stop.

They're currently trying to locate Brown, but haven't been able to. They have however spoken to her son who said the dogs are cared for and in good health.

Here's her dog in happier, less-duct taped times.


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