'Dear Fat People' - Nicole Arbour's Fat-Shaming Video Has Caused A Lot People To Get Very Angry

It was meant as a joke, at least that's what the creator of it says, but Canadian comedian Nicole Arbour's YouTube video titled "Dear Fat People" has caused a torrent of outrage across the internet.

Which, as we all know, isn't hard to do, but Arbour's video caused so much anger that she became the first comedian to be censored by YouTube, when they pulled the video and her channel.

It's now back up and so is the video, but the controversy will live on forever. And by forever I mean until the end of the week. Or maybe into the weekend tops. But definitely no longer, unless you've been in a coma.

Mostly though it stoked a whole lot of hot air about what people should, and shouldn't be, allowed to say.

If you watch the video you'll see it's Arbour making jokes at fat people's expense, which is nothing new in comedy. But i think some people are having a problem differentiating with where the line between comedy and something far more personal lies.

The jokes really aren't that funny either, they're the same old tired cliches. Maybe if she'd been a bit more original and inspired with the funnies, people wouldn't have reacted so badly.

Some people though, even fat people, thought the video was fun.

Arbour herself suspected other reasons why she was singled out.

But it's all a bit much to censor her account especially, as she points out, YouTube doesn't always necessarily censor videos of torture and violence.

Anyway, this storm in an internet tea cup will soon blow over, no doubt giving Arbour a few more subscribers in the process.

But before it does, here's some of the reaction videos to Arbour's "Dear Fat People", as YouTubers of all persuasions jumped on the band wagon to up those view stats.

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