Guy Was Asked To Make Worst Hip Hop Song Ever, But It Actually Came Out Pretty Good

Redditor thetrue23 was tasked by a friend of his to make the worst hip hop song he could for a movie his friend was making. So he set about the task like the good friend that he is.

But the trouble is, he didn't seem to know his own talent because he says after he made it, both him and his friend loved it. Loved it so much they thought it necessary to make a music video to accompany it.

Then, of course, they uploaded the results to Reddit and now people are commenting that it's pretty damn good. In fact, people think it's great. The track is called "Flames" and the guy behind it has called himself True Dave. So that's the name to look out for.

"This is actually fire" says one Redditor while another has said he's sent it to Lil Dicky, the comedy rapper who the song's style and tone is very similar to.

And if you're wondering where he got the beat from, True Dave explains, "Thanks bra...the beat is by BossaFT on YouTube, he makes a bunch of stuff online for free. Clearly I kept the tags in for optimal dopeness but u can lease the tracks as well.... just make stuff with ur friends."

For real.


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