'Get Away From Her You Bitch!" An Epic Homemade Remake Of The 'Aliens' Power Loader Scene

Pretty much everyone knows the power loader scene at the end of James Cameron's sequel Aliens where Sigourney Weaver takes on the queen Xenomorph, it's an iconic action movie moment. Plus the line "Get away from her, you bitch!” is a quote that you can endlessly use throughout your life in all manner of situations.

The scene also serves as the inspiration, well more than just inspiration, it serves as the very basis of this utterly incredible homemade shot for shot remake. It's part of YouTube channel CineFix's Homemade Movies series and means all FX are created in-camera using everyday materials.

So how did they cope with a minimal budget while creating all of those expensive special effects? No problem.

For the power loader they use styrofoam (from TV packaging) and cardboard, modified plastic buckets and storage baskets. Tupperware container lids and sharpie pens are used as details and its spray-painted bright yellow. Yep, i hear you, on paper it sounds pretty lame, but wait until you see it in the video.

As for the alien Xenomorph, it's a puppet created from, among other things, an oatmeal container, colander, scoops, dust pan, cardboard of course, a 99 cents store skeleton decoration, pipe cleaners, and forks for claws.

It's then shot in a garage and the result is very impressive indeed. "It's homemade movie magic!" runs the YouTube page. It certainly is.

You can check out side by side comparison and making of videos below.

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