'Cheeky' Naked Butts Instagram Account Wants People To Get Outdoors & #GetYourAssIntoNature

When it comes to naked butts and nature, who can't get behind that? You bet your ass you certainly can with the Instagram account getyourassintonature. The account was set up by Aidan Weltner, a photographer and student at Montana State University and it's a cheeky testament to people having fun outdoors..

He set up the account with the aim of "Inspiring all of us to get outside, free ouselves from judgment (and we assume clothes) and unite with nature." which basically means getting a photo of yourself with your naked butts to the camera while surveying a beautiful vista. Who couldn't resist that challenge?

You can use the hashtag #getyourassintonature to post your own pics when you're out and about in nature in the buff. Looking at the photos below it looks like you'll need to get some of your friends involved as well and make it a group effort. How you do that exactly remains a complete mystery. Maybe some alcohol will be needed?

"Despite what people may say, everyone has an urge to be outside and everyone has an urge to not wear any clothes," Weltner told ATTN: about his project. "I get a lot of stories from people who say, 'I never, ever, ever thought I'd enjoy being naked in a public place, but it was the most invigorating experience of my life and I've never felt so alive. [I get] all of these clichés, but still, it relates to a lot of people."

Weltner says he gets tons of submissions to be included in the project so has now issued guidelines to pick the best ones. You can apply online should you wish for your naked butts to be shown to the world.

Here's some of our favorite cheeky ones that made the butt cut.

People Getting Behind Naked Butts In Nature

MOVE OVER BITCHES, #GETYOURASSINTONATURE IS ON THE SCENE // Anglesea Beach, Victoria, Australia // #getyourassintonature

In honor of the goods that good ol' @bridgerbowl has been delivering this past week I'd like to repost a little something from this past summer of the iconic Virginia City lift. Cheers to an iconic legacy // #BBowlCenterPole #getyourassintonature

"There's always gonna be another mountain, I'm always gonna wanna make it moveee. Always gonna be an uphill battle, Sometimes I'm gonna have to loseeee. Ain't about how fast I get there, Ain't about what's waitin' on the other sideee. It's the CLIMBBBBB!! " - @mileycyrus #ExploreCanada" . // @nicola.a.c on Sentinel Pass, Lake Louise, AB // #getyourassintonature #optoutside

Hopefully this is what you look like right now after yesterday. Remember the holidays are about the little serendipitous moments and connections with the ones you love, not the holiday itself // "My best friends and I found this beach while we were camping in Big Sur. We went crazy when we saw the pink. We couldn't contain ourselves and started running around laughing so hard we cried and splashing in the ocean even though it was freezing. I love this memory. All of us completely beside ourselves rolling on the ground with tears in our eyes. All due to the oddness of pink sand." // @_protozoe_ in Big Sur, CA // #getyourassintonature #optoutside

Weekends are for this! // #getyourassintonature

Jumping into a weekend full of outdoors and courage // #getyourassintonature

Home of the brave, land of the butts... ? // Evergreen, CO // #getyourassintonature

I love this picture so much! Good thing there are people like @_twerkmasterju in the world to take pictures like this! Tomorrow is Friday btw! Get stoked! // “My first snow shoe experience had us all talking about get your ass into nature!” // Crystal Mountain, West Kelowna, BC, Canada // also PS does anyone like free stuff? // #getyourassintonature

Jump for joy because there is a fantastic article written about YOU ALL and this wonderful community! Thank you Laura at ATTN for the write up! If you want to read the article click the link in the profile. // Bull Hill, Cold Spring, NY // PS. Sorry for the lack of posting. I have been sick and stuck in the rut of midterms. We will return to normal paces this week. Also I have like 115 plus contribution applications that have not been responding to. If this is you, I apologize, I promise I will get to you soon! Love you all! ❤️ // #getyourassintonature

Remember, Monday blues are no match for #getyourassintonature // Lake Katherine, CO

Get out and explore! Your soul needs it! // I am starting a newsletter/blog for #getyourassintonature. It would mean the world to me if you all would check it out! I already have about 50 people signed up for the newsletter which is awesome but I am hoping for more like 500 by the time I launch it in a few days! The blog/newsletter is going to be a place were I profile what it means to explore, how you build courage and some of the page's most awesome contributors. I will doing intervies, videos, photos and potentially some giveaways ?. Sign up for the newsletter with the link in the profile or stay tuned for the first post! Love you all! // #idratherbenaked #livenaked

Grab your friends. Grab your boots. Take a hike and #getyourassintonature. Friends who get naked together stay together. It makes life more fun // #idratherbenaked #livenaked

Sunset skin with my buddy Matt — I convinced him to descend naked. He said it was the most liberating exprience in his life. With these spring conditions I'm back in scheming mode to get the biggest naked ski group together ever. If you're in the Bozeman area I want to get 50 people together to ski naked together and break the record for biggest ass pic, again. Let me know if you're interested. // #getyourassintonature #earnyourturns #hyalite #montanastate

?+?=? // Death Valley, CA // #getyourassintonature

#waterfallwednesday is also dedicated to butts and your boo thang, not just waterfalls // #getyourassintonature

"The hardest prison to escape can be your own mind, Free yourself!" Couldn't have said it better myself // #getyourassintonature #idratherbenaked #livenaked

Some sass and ass to start your morning // #getyourassintonature #idratherbenaked #livenaked

Embrace everyone and everything with open arms // Emerald Lake, Necklace Valley, Skykomish, WA // #getyourassintonature

A little color and a little reminder to jump right into the week you have ahead! // #getyourassintonature

I hope you've had some good adventures so far. Tomorrow awaits! // #getyourassintonature

"Barren desert.. Barren buns" // #getyourassintonature

One hand in the sky and one in the earth! Have a great weekend everyone! // Coyote Butte, AZ // #getyourassintonature

Make sure your weekend is full of butts and your best pals // #nakedclub #getyourassintonature

I see this as a frame from the perfect music video for Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" even though this is not at all what that song is about // #getyourassintonature

*THIS IS NOW THE 3RD TIME I'VE POSTED THIS* If this is breaking a rule someone needs to let me know what it is because I can't find it. I posted a picture of these two honoring the supreme court's decision that overturned marriage bans in states all across the US. The picture was reported and taken down within a few hours. It was the first picture I had ever had taken down off the page. I was mad that it was a post honoring two brave, gay men and I knew it was probably not a coincidence but let it slide. I posted the picture again and I talked about how important it was to the #getyourassintonature community that we are accepting of all people no matter their body type, their race, or their sexuality. I am now 1000% certain this does not violate the Instagram guidelines but it was reported and taken down TWICE anyways. THIS TIME I KNOW THAT WAS NOT A COINCIDENCE. I have had a total of 4 images taken down and two of them are from these two beautiful people. WHY DO THEY GET PICKED ON? What about them is so different from everyone else that compels someone to report them? I'll tell you what is different: nothing. They are human beings displaying an act of courage that they wanted to share with you all because it was a moment that was special to them. Why would anyone want to take that privilege away from them? If you have a problem with anything that I post on the page, please take it up with me personally, I am very understanding. Don't go straight to the report button just because you don't agree with something. Nobody deserves that because I try and keep everything on this page positive and abiding by the rules set forth. I do not necessarily agree with these rules but they are there and I follow them so that I can share the hundreds of moments from courageous people all over the world like Kevin and Jacob with you. If you reported this image yesterday, please let me know personally what your problem is with this picture. . I love and appreciate everyone who is supportive and nonjudgemental, I am thankful for you every day. You make this page great. ❤️ // Matanuska Glacier, AK // #getyourassintonature

After the recent happenings in Washington DC I would like to shed light on a group that is actually working towards progressing women. @naturebums is a wonderful page dedicated to getting women outdoors and promoting positive body image. Our goals align very well. Currently they are on the hunt for outdoor lady booty from every US state and are lacking in the midwest/south area. If you know anyone who has ass pics from those areas send them to the @naturebums crew! Give them a follow if you support positive body image and women in the outdoors! I sure do! // #getyourassintonature #idratherbenaked #livenaked #naturebums #women #outdoors

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