Vintage Halloween Pictures Prove That Your Great Grandparents Were Some Very Scary People

Looking at these vintage Halloween pictures makes you realize a couple of things you might not have known, for one dressing up in Halloween outfits to celebrate Hallows' Eve has been going on for a while and secondly, the costumes your great grandparents might have worn were seriously creepy compared to what we all wear today.

It might also go a long way to explain why most horror films are set in old houses, it's because old houses are damn scary. Want to know 'why' old houses are so scary, it's because the people who used to live in them (your relatives maybe?) were pretty scary people too. Yep, the good old days were actually the good old 'creepy' days.

So don't be fooled by what your grandparents and great grandparents say when they recall that it was a 'time of innocence', where everything was easier, less complicated and simpler--They are lying to you, covering up their dark past and fooling you into believing that they are lovely old folk who wouldn't harm a fly. It's all lies.

These Vintage Halloween Pictures Are Creepy

Vintage Halloween Pictures 11.

If you need proof then here it is below, normal, vintage Halloween pictures of people going about their daily business. Have a look at them and tell me i'm not exaggerating the claim that the past was horrific. I'm sure your grandparents will smile, pat you on the head and say that it was just people celebrating Halloween and dressing up in fancy dress, just like we all do now, but don't believe them, that's just what they want you to believe.

Take a close look at some of those costumes worn in these vintage Halloween pictures, they are pretty damn terrifying and remember, there were no Toys R Us around to buy costumes from then, in fact no one supplied Halloween costumes in those days, it was just what people wore and how they looked. Fact.

It all goes to prove that the old days were scary. Your grandparents and great grandparents (and probably their parents too) are scary. All old people are scary and if you don't lock your door at night they will get you.

Vintage Halloween Pictures 01.
Vintage Halloween Pictures 02.
Vintage Halloween Pictures 03.
Vintage Halloween Pictures 04.
Vintage Halloween Pictures 05.
Vintage Halloween Pictures 06.
Vintage Halloween Pictures 07.
Vintage Halloween Pictures 08.
Vintage Halloween Pictures 09.
Vintage Halloween Pictures 10.
Scary Costume Photos 01.
Vintage Halloween Pictures 12.
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Vintage Halloween Pictures 13.
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Scary Costume Photos 09.
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