'Storm Barney' - Internet Has Lots Of Fun With UK Weather Which Shares Name With Purple Dinosaur

Storm Barney isn't really a laughing matter for the thousands of people who live in the UK who were left without power after 85mph winds from an Atlantic storm hit land and caused havoc in parts of the UK last night.

Still, that didn't stop the people of Twitter making with the jokes, because the storm, named by the UK public, has a namesake in the form of a purple dinosaur from kids TV.

The storm has passed now and, besides the loss of electricity for some and delays to public transport (and some upturned trash cans), no substantial damage was done.

But the damage to the storm's name was already underway, as twitter users fired up their copies of Photoshop, and started cutting and pasting Barney the dinosaur into anything weather related.

It wasn't just Barney the dinosaur either, Barney Rubble and Barney Gumble made some appearances too.

The United Kingdom are very new to the game when it comes to naming storms (they don't really have hurricanes), so they can be forgiven for giving it a male name and also with a very strong tie-in with a Jurassic star of a children's TV show.

Here's some of the best Tweets below;

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