Saint West: The Internet's Hilarious Reactions To Kim And Kanye's Baby Name

Along with Donald Trump dropping ridiculous proposals Monday also saw some other ridiculousness take place. Kim and Kanye West gave the internet some fun by revealing the name of their new baby: Saint West.

The baby's birth was announced on Saturday on Kim's website and yesterday Kim tweeted out the new name. It was met with rapturous joy by the internet, who did what it does best.

Fired up Photoshop and celebrated the news with mocking humor. There were some congratulation thrown in too, for good measure.

But mostly it was a sea of Saint jokes and puns, even a Saint West twitter parody account sprung up. Not many babies who are only a few days old can say they have that.

For a baby who will grow up with a sister called North and a mom and dad like Kim and Kanye, a name like Jon or Tim was never going to do though, was it?

Here's Kim's tweet.

And here's the internet reacting to it.

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