#JeSuisChien: Canines All Took To Social Media To Honor Diesel The Dog Killed In Paris Raids

A French police dog called Diesel died after helping in the raid that took place in the Saint Denis area of northern Paris this week. It was a raid which resulted in the capture of terrorists who were planning an attack, along with the death of the man who orchestrated the attacks in Paris which killed 129 people.

The Belgian Malinois' part in the raid was called "essential" by police, after he gave his life to protect others. After his death the French police sent a tweet to honor his memory, which resulted in other people sending their own condolences and praise for the animal on Twitter.

Then, not long after news of Diesel's death broke the hashtag #JeSuisChien and #JeSuisDiesel (meaning "I am a dog" and "I am Diesel") began trending on Twitter. The hashtag is a play on #JeSuisCharlie which trended after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January and was used as a way for people to show  solidarity with the satirical artists and writers who were killed.

Using#JeSuisChien and #JeSuisDiesel people began posting photos of their own dogs, and the French flag, in support. Here's the tweet from the French police with a picture of Diesel.

And here's some of the tweets offering support and condolences.

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