John Oliver Slams FIFA With Righteous Rant Just In Time For The World Cup

John Oliver is becoming a bit of a master at the late night rant that goes viral the next day. He's already scored mega YouTube hits with his attack on the companies seeking to destroy net neutrality. And his latest effort targets the rotten apple that is FIFA, the organization responsible for the World Cup.

Now, John Oliver loves his soccer—he's a Brit after all—but what he doesn't like is FIFA and the scoundrels who run it—so he sets about relating just what a corrupt and generally unlikeable bunch they are. And it's incredible to watch.

It's a video worth sticking with even though it might be on the long side, because it's great to see Oliver take down this "comically grotesque organisation" and highlight the many scandals that surround it. This video, taken with the allegations of corruption that are currently blowing up around the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and you can see why FIFA has long been a hate-figure for soccer fans around the world.

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