Zorb Soccer Looks Like The Most Fun Game You Could Ever Play

When Devin Super Tramp brings out a new video of his buddies having a super fun time leaping down giant water slides or other envy-inducing thrills, it only serves to remind me how dull my own life is. Ah well, as long as he keeps releasing vids we can all live vicariously through them.

His latest upload shows people donning those round zorb suits that let you crash into people without sustaining injuries, and playing a game of soccer. And, like the title of the video says, it looks like the greatest game ever, as people collide into one another to tackle or roll around on the floor just for the hell of it.

It's like a Care Bear version of Rollerball—and it tears me apart that I'm probably never going to get to play it. For more envy-inducing good times, check out Devin's world's largest urban zipline vid, below.

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