Johnny Depp And Amber Heard's Awkward Apology Video Is Met With Mocking Hilarity By The Internet

Yesterday Amber Heard and Johnny Depp gifted the internet and the world with their apology video saying sorry to the Australian government. Coming off as part hostage pastiche, part failed experiment in irony, and just plain weird it certainly was unique. It certainly doesn't rate as one of Depp's best career performances.

Plus, it kind of makes you wonder if the hilarious pastiche video above conveyed what was really going on.

In the actual video (see below) the couple say sorry for bringing Heard's Yorkshire Terriers, Pistol and Boo, into Australia without properly quarantining them when Heard was visiting Depp last year on a film set.

It sparked what was called the "war on terrier" (#WarOnTerrier) which was ended yesterday when state prosecutors agreed to drop the charges, after Heard pleaded guilty instead to the lesser charge of lying on an incoming passenger form.

The strange video was played in court by Heard's lawyers and features such gems as Depp saying "if you disrespect Australian law, they will tell you firmly". And Heard noting that Australia was a "treasure trove of plants, animals and people,” "a wonderful island" and she was "truly sorry that Pistol and Boo were not declared."

Something this bizarre AND featuring celebrities couldn't just pass by without the internet making a mockery of it.

So that's exactly what they did, right after the vid was put up on the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources YouTube page so the world could watch.

Here's some of Twitter's responses and you can watch the original apology vid at the bottom.

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