Kawehi Turns Herself Into A Walking Music Machine For (Not Another Lame) Fight Song

Musician Kawehi turns a casual stroll down the street into a seriously impressive music making session for her latest video '(Not Another Lame) Fight Song'. Walking and texting is the most many of us can muster, but not so for Hawaii born Kawehi as she takes things to another level and duct tapes the equipment—microphone, a mixing console, synthesizer—to her body, to turn herself into a walking-singing music machine.

So, while pedestrians walk along on the sidewalk next to her, Kawehi composes on the fly, beatboxing, looping various sounds, and casually playing the keyboard strapped to her wrist. It's a ridiculously talented display.

"That's the kind of music I do." Kawehi told Elle in an interview about her music style back in 2014. "90 percent of my live set is looping. I got into it a couple of years ago. My Ableton set is fairly new; I've only been using it for like six months or so. But that's my style. I used to just play guitar and do acoustic. But I really got bored and I felt like I was really capping off at a certain level. So I got a loop pedal and it kind of all went from there."

What Made Kawehi Write 'Fight Song'?

Kawehi Turns Herself Into A Walking Music Machine For (Not Another Lame) Fight Song - 99.

While the musician often does a lot of covers, this latest track from the Kansas-based Kawehi was written as a way to lift her spirits when she was down. Posting in the YouTube description she writes:

Has someone ever brought you down? Made you question your worth? When I wrote this song, I was sick of people treating me like some silly woman. I needed a Fight Song - and not a lame one telling me that I'm a good person and to be positive - I'm talking about an I-Am-Woman-Hear-Me-Roar kind of Fight Song. A song I could use to psych myself up, to remind myself that I'm here, I'm strong as hell, and I'm not going anywhere, yo!! Of course I wrote it for me originally, so there were lots of cussing:). But I hope you can use it for yourself - no matter what gender or race or how much money you have in your bank account - be your own fucking hurricane!!!

It's not the first time this amazing musician has shown off her adeptness as a multi-instrumentalist in a viral video either. She previously covered Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box", which you can see below.

You can check out more of her incredible music on her Bandcamp page.

Kawehi Covers Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box"

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