Linkin Park's 'Numb' Gets A Howling Cover Version By A Group Of Dogs And Other Musical Animals

If you were of a certain age (say, teen-age) in the mid-1990s/early 2000s chances are your melancholy angst and sense of being an outsider probably found an equal in listening to the alt-rock stylings of Linkin Park.

They were one of the bands that acted as the voice for the emo generation (although a lot of people still disagree on that point), you either loved them or hated them, depending on how miserable you were at the time.

One of their popular hits (and an anthem for emos everywhere) which got a lot of radio play at the time was "Numb" and now it's finally been given the cover it so rightfully deserves. It's been completely transformed from an audiophiles pet hate into a total pet 'love' for the masses.

How is that even possible you ask? Well, thanks to some very clever editing, it now features a group of dogs and other animals (fox, donkey, goat) barking and neighing their way through this 90s hit.

A fluffy white dog's snappy bark, a fox crying out in someone's garden, all of these are given some tweaking in terms of pitch and spliced into brilliance to produce a hilarious cover.

The only cover of this song you'll ever need, in fact.

You can thank Russian YouTubers Insane Cherry for it. And a quick look at their channel will reveal that they've made a habit of producing absurd animal covers of various songs.

I've posted their rooster version of M83's "Midnight City" below. But it's well worth heading over there to waste some precious work hours listening to some more.

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