#Robopocalypse - Korean Housewife Attacked By Robot Vacuum While She Naps

Vacuum cleaning your home may seem like an innocuous activity, but sometimes even the simplest of tasks can come with hidden dangers. Especially if a robot is involved.

South Korean firefighters were called to a domestic scene to save a housewife whose hair had got trapped in a vacuum cleaning robot.

The 52-year-old woman started up the robot cleaner but while it was getting on with its job, she lay down on the floor to rest. But she was rudely awoken when the robot sucked up some of her hair.

Distressed and confused she managed to call emergency services, who came to the scene and were able to disentangle her hair from the evil vacuum.

From The Korea Bizwire:

The problematic robot vacuum had a nozzle with a roller inside, which sweeps and vacuums floors. The Changwon Fire Service Headquarters presumed that the vacuum’s sensors identified the woman’s hair as dust.

The likelihood of this type accident occurring is undoubtedly more significant in countries with a “sitting-on-the-floor” culture. Since Koreans love to rest or relax on a toasty, cleanly swept floor, exercising caution on using a robot vacuum is probably a good idea.

This is how it starts, seemingly innocently with a robot "mistakenly" sucking up someone's hair. Next thing you know, our out of control home appliances are attacking us on all fronts and the robopocalypse is upon us from within our inner most sanctum. Be careful out there.


via The Korea Bizwire

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