Learn The Story Behind Viral Legend Keyboard Cat And His Other Shelter Pet Internet Star Buddies

Remember Keyboard Cat? Come on, you must do! He was that keyboard playing cat who starred in a video by Charlie Schmidt. He's pretty much one of the greatest cats in all existence (along with Spaghetti Cat, of course). The original Keyboard Cat, Fatso, who starred in the video that was uploaded to YouTube in 2007 is sadly dead.

He died a long time ago. Schimdt made the video back in 1984 but obviously YouTube wasn't around then, and Fatso died in 1987. However Schmidt has another Keyboard Cat 2.0 and his name is Bento. And since Keyboard became a meme Bento has been starring in videos and all kinds of spoofs.

And he's also starring in a video which is part of series by the Shelter Pet Project called #StartAStoryAdopt. The videos are PSAs to encourage people to adopt a pet instead of buying one, and stop rescue animals from being euthanised, meaning you too could perhaps adopt a future internet animal celeb. But, of course, that shouldn't be your sole reason for getting one.

"Bento is my best friend." says Schimdt. "We both have very similar personalities and he's always motivating me to make art; I'm always drawing and taking pictures of him. He also happens to have incredible musical talent - you might know him as Keyboard Cat!"

Along with Bento they're using two other notable animal stars to raise awareness, Toast and Hamilton Pug.

You can watch Keyboard Cat above. And below is Toast, fashion icon from @ToastMeetsWorld.

And here's the story behind Hamilton Pug.

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