Will Fake Eyes On A Bike Helmet Ward Off Swooping Magpies? Hell No They Won't

Australian radio hosts Amber and Billo decided to try out two different techniques for detracting breeding magpies from swooping down and scratching your skull away when you're trying to cycle near their nests.

When I say Amber and Billo I mean Amber, who bravely donned a cycle helmet and headed out in the field. The first technique involved tying branches to the helmet which seemed to work very well.

The second involved drawing a pair of eyes to see if this would stop the birds from bearing down like extras from a Hitchcock film. However, it didn't go so well. In fact it seemed to have completely the opposite effect.

But this isn't about the techniques people, nope, it's all about Amber's reaction (or overreaction) which is downright hilarious.

From now on when something is failing miserably, I'm just going to start screaming "The eyes don't work! The eyes don't work!! THE EYES DON'T WOOOOOOOORRRKKKK!!!"


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