'Lego Civil War'—Stop Motion Video Ups The Humor In Marvel's Captain America Vs. Iron Man Saga

Out of this summer's crop of superhero and blockbuster movies, Marvel's Captain America: Civil War was one of the best, received favorably by fans and movie critics alike. Many of of the rest were huge disappointments, causing people to ponder what happened to the big franchise films of 2016's summer.

The reason Captain America: Civil War did well was probably down to that airport battle scene, Spider-Man showing up, and Marvel's knack for keeping things entertaining and not too brooding. Anyway, those who did watch and enjoy the film will no doubt get much enjoyment from this stop-motion video, "Lego Civil War" by YouTuber Keshen8.

They may also find some confusion in it too, because this short is a mashup of Marvel's film and the Civil War crossover comic series by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. It takes elements of both and throws them into create something new—along with some added humor too.

It basically features Captain America and Iron Man going at each other, with the violence escalating to ridiculous proportions, and some slight ridiculing of the characters. For instance Cap's simplistic "MURICA!" attitude is taken to comical levels. As is Stark's villainy.

It then finishes with the battle taken from the film between Cap, Stark, and the Winter Soldier, but with a much more hilarious ending.


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