Frank Ocean's Musical Identity, Lyrical Storytelling, And Use Of Cars As Memory

Kristian Williams (aka YouTuber Kaptain Kristian) has focused his latest pop culture video essay on the music and lyrics of musician Frank Ocean If you know the artist's music then you'll be intrigued to hear this analysis, if you don't then this is exactly why you should be listening to him.

Because Kristian breaks down and explains why his music is so wonderful. Specifically he talks about 2016's album Blonde which he says he can listen to no matter what his mood, be it agitated or relaxed.

Praising Frank Ocean's lyrical storytelling, Kristian notes how the album has a cinematic quality, painting an atmosphere with the music and words that create such vivid imagery with such a non-visual medium. Images of childhood, lost summers, and, intriguingly, cars.

Ocean's use of cars is intriguing because in many music genres—especially hip hop—cars are a symbol of status and masculinity, but for Ocean they're instead imbued with vulnerability and intimacy. And they become hallmarks for certain milestones. Ocean uses them as memory triggers, spaces that encapsulate certain periods of his personal life.

"His music, like driving alone is very private and self reflective." notes Kristian. "And cars are used as the framing device for his memories."

It's a fascinating video and will have you reaching for Spotify to play yourself some Frank Ocean the minute it's over.

You can see more of Kaptain Kristian videos on his YouTube page.

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