Actors Are Reciting Pop Music In The Style Of Shakespeare And It's Pretty Hilarious

You may not think that English bard and Greatest Playwright Of All Time™ Shakespeare has much in common with Britney Spears, "Gangnam Style," and the theme from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air—but they have now.

Because actors have taken to reciting pop songs in the most dramatic thespian way possible.

Under the hashtag #15SecondShakespeare actors have been nominating each other, Ice Bucket Challenge style, to record themselves reciting a pop song as if it were a Shakespearean production.

The idea is to get people to donate to humanitarian organisation the Red Cross. It seems to have started in the UK, then spread to the states, as Minnie Driver, Michael Sheen, and Karen Gillan from Guardians of the Galaxy have also got involved.

Even some none actors, like author and Sandman creator Neil Gaiman are doing it too.

But setting the bar very high indeed is Scottish actor Mark Bonnar with his fantastic Shakespearian interpretation of PSY's K-pop hit Gangnam Style. It was as if it was somehow, inexplicably, made for one of the the bard's famous plays.

But hot on his heels (or should that be ass) is Matthew Mercer with his rendition of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "I Like Big Butts"—it's a classic version of the song, the likes of which we will never hear again.

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