Meet The Adorable Pom Pom Chewy, A Pup Who Looks Half Pomeranian, Half Fox

His owner calls him a Foxeranian because he has some of the features of a fox, but he's actually just a Pomeranian. It doesn't really matter what he is though because once he's dressed up in his outfits you won't care if he's half great white shark, he still looks adorable.

Like any animal that's halfway cute these days, Pom Pom Chewy has his own Instagram account where he models his cuteness to over 40,000 fans. And he also has his own blog too where he recounts his adventures. Well, he doesn't because he can't type but his owner does pretending to be him.

He's also savvy when it comes to his commercial enterprises too, striking up various partnerships with pet food companies and clothing brands.

But most of all he's insanely fluffy, which makes him insanely cuddly. And he looks great whatever he wears be it some pajamas, a basketball outfit, or some hipster black-framed glasses.

According to his Facebook page, this is the story behind how he looks:

It all started when my father, a robust Pomeranian, mistook my mother, a beautiful Fox, for another of his kind. They fell in love and lived together for a time. When I was born I was sent into the human world. My mission: to find a family that accepts me as I am, a half breed. That is where my story began. Follow me on my adventures as I learn to live amongst the humans and find my place in the world.

Seems legit. Anyway, take a look at his supreme cuteness below.

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