Thor The Bengal Cat's Spotted Fur And Stunning Green Eyes Are Winning Him Plenty Of Fans

Domesticated cats have their ancestry in their bigger, wilder cousins but if you were looking for a breed where that connection was very prominent, then the Bengal is a standout.

Covered in leopard-like spots the Bengal is a majestic looking beast and none more so than Thor, who has captivated the internet with his green eyes and adorable poses.

Not only has Thor got spots, which are on his stomach, but his fur also has stripes over his back, giving him the markings of both a tiger and a leopard.

He's recently become the internet's newest cat crush after photos from his Instagram account—uploaded by his Belgian owner Rani C—started doing the rounds online.

"This is my Bengal Thor." she wrote on Imgur. "Recently I saw a post of his picture on the front page of Reddit (not my upload). I was shocked because I didn't know his picture was going viral. I saw there was a huge buzz about him so I thought you guys might want some more pictures."

So she uploaded some more pics of him, not that there wasn't plenty online already. "He is the most wonderful cat I ever had and I love him to bits." she continues. "If you want a cat who keeps you busy all day, I recommend you buy or adopt a Bengal. His fur is soooo soft en he is such a cutiepie! He wouldn't hurt a fly... Actually that's not true, he eats flies."

Check out some pics of him below. And follow him on Instagram for more.

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