'Brewed With Love'--Men Lovingly Cradle Their Beer Bellies Like Pregnant Women

It's not only pregnant women who cradle their bellies with love and affection, sometimes men can do the same. Except inside isn't a tiny human growing into a baby, but rather the product of beer consumption.

An amusing ad campaign by German beer company Bergedorfer Bier and German ad agency Jung von Matt shows portraits of men lovingly cradling their rotund beer bellies.

After all, what more does a man love more than beer? Apparently, according to Bergedorfer Beer, nothing.

There's no pretence here, no using a male model with a six pack to sell a lie. We just see men proudly showing off the results of a lifetime dedicated to the golden nectar. Of many years spent drinking a cold one after work or maybe a few on a Friday night.

Because Bergedorfer Bier have had enough of the perfect male forms advertising beer, so they decided to take a more honest approach, and throw in some humor too, using the slogan 'Brewed with love'.

It's certainly going to connect more with the average beer drinker than a well-toned, chisel-chinned adonis.

Although those bellies can't be all that healthy.

Still, to paraphrase Homer—here's to beer! The cause of and solution to all of life's little problems.


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