Newborn Baby Gets A Totally Hilarious Makeover From Its Mom—All Done Using An App, Of Course

Applying makeup to babies would be rightfully frowned upon, but that didn't stop Imgur user Unicornreality from doing it. Not for real though, that would be an outrageous waste of makeup. Instead they did it using a virtual makeup app.

Using the app the seven week old boy gets some bright red lipstick applied, some funky blue eyeshadow, colored eyes, glittery skin, and a range of wigs. And it looks simply fabulous, darling!

When I say fabulous I mean slightly scary and strange, but definitely hilarious. What also helps is the baby's fantastic range of expressions, from a very serious I'm-going-to-get-you-for-this face to crying to zonked out.

If you're worried for the baby's welfare, Unicornreality assured no harm came to it, "Hello world. No make up touched Gabriel's skin so don't worry. He is a very, very loved little boy. I intentionally take/use photos of him pulling faces and gurning because I live to amuse myself."

All babies should have this done. It's far better than those cheesy newborn portraits.

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And here's the only appropriate response to these.


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