Mexico’s Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa Is The Internet's New Favorite World Cup Meme

Mexico's goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa put in an incredible performance yesterday against the World Cup hosts—he was firing on all cylinders with his lightning-fast reactions with save after save after save to deny Brazil a goal and keep the score 0-0.

So awesome was his cat-like skills rumors quickly began circulating that he had six fingers on his right hand:

Sadly, it was just a hoax. But his performance was ample fuel to kickstart the internet meme machine into overdrive. He became Gandalf, he became Dhalsim, he became Neo, even Jesus. Mexicoooooo!

And here's one of the saves from the match that helped propel Ochoa to internet glory.

Here's the Mexican fans' reaction to the 0-0 draw.

And Brazil be all like...

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