The Most Hilarious Twitter Memes From The Luis Suarez And Giorgio Chiellini Biting Incident

What’s bad for the World Cup is good for the internet. When Luis Suarez took a bite out of tasty-looking Giorgio Chiellini in the Uruguay vs. Italy match last night, it was an excuse for Twitter to do what it does best and come up with some hilarious memes.

Think Hannibal Lecter, zombies, savage dogs, Jaws they were all there—plus some more subtle variations. Internet, don't ever change. But before we start, here's the actual incident in case you haven't left your cave all week.


And the mark he left on Chiellini.


And here's how Twitter responded.

Even brands jumped on the bandwagon.

While Suarez denies the incident (the gall!) he's been charged with biting Chiellini and now faces up to a 24 match ban.

And here's a bonus video by Lee Hardcastle, of a zombie claymation Suarez taking down Chiellini, then biting the ref's face off.

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