Amazing World Cup Samurai Soccer Player Show Off His Skills In Brazil

The #worldcup2014's arrived which means you're going to start giving a damn about soccer for the next month—and it also means there's going to be lots and lots and lots of soccer-themed ads and videos flying about the web.

Linking the disparate arts of kicking a ball and eating noodles is this advert featuring a samurai warrior—Japanese freestyler Kotaro Tokuda—who's rather brilliant when it comes to incredible soccer tricks.

So naturally he heads off to Brazil to humiliate them, taking to the streets to show off his impressive back-flip-while-catching-the-ball-between-his-legs-then-doing-a-one-handed-handstand mega-skills. Check it out above.

And in other World Cup news, did you ever wonder what the link is between Captain Picard and the Brazil World Cup logo? It's this:


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