'Pokemon Go' Player Standing In The Middle Of A Busy Road Goes Absolutely Psycho At Driver

Never come between a Pokemon Go player and their game, especially when they're trying to catch an Onix. Doesn't matter that they're standing in the middle of the road blocking your car, leave them be.

Because if you attempt to move them, well, let it be at your own risk. Because much like disturbing a wild bear riffling through a rubbish bin near a campsite, they will quickly turn on you and things could get heated.

A few beeps of the car horn is enough to rile this Pokemon trainer, breaking his AR trance and sending him on an expletive-filled rant at the driver as he goes full-on psycho. After a minute of ranting at the driver it ends with food being flung and butts being mooned.

Now, we all know Pokemon Go players take the game very seriously, and we all know they like walking in the road lots instead of the sidewalk, but there's no need to behave like this.

Not over an Onix, anyway.

Of course the footage isn't actually real, it's a skit by Australian YouTube channel BehindTheStampede. However if you do see a Pokemon Go player behaving like this in the wild, report them to their mothers—that should silence them.

Whatever you do, don't antagonize them or the following may happen.

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