These Military Students Couldn’t Attend Their Graduation, So Their University Did Something Amazing For Them Instead

Graduating from your degree is always a big moment, a time to soak up the congratulations for the hard work you put in. But, sadly, not everyone can attend the ceremony, especially the men and women of the military.

To show how much people appreciate servicemen and women’s dedication, SNHU traveled across the globe to hand deliver the diplomas to those couldn’t make graduation.

And from the tears and the smiles you can tell they appreciated it.

Southern New Hampshire University understands and respects the enormous sacrifice our veterans, military service members and their families have made and continue to make on behalf of our country.

They are staunch supporters of our military population, providing military academic advisors for their students who offer a true sense of support and understanding, because they have been there themselves.

To learn more about how SNHU supports those who serve and this initiative, visit SNHU.edu

To show your appreciation to our military population, simply Tweet with the hashtag #SNHUsalute

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