Watching 3 Grandmas In Washington Smoking Weed For The First Time Is Such A Wonderful Trip

'Hey grandma, pass me the bong and go get some Doritos' is probably not a sentence stored in your brain vocabulary that you ever thought you would use -ever- but maybe that is about to change as marijuana is now legal for recreational usage in several states throughout the United States.

Three grandmas who've never smoked weed before (Paula on the left, Dorothea in the middle and Deirdre on the right) were invited by Cut Video to experience the sensation of taking bong rips and have the results filmed for our viewing pleasure.

With dope laws now relaxed it has piqued the interest of an older generation who were too busy raising children back in the day to find time for the use of recreational drugs, relying instead on cigarettes and alcohol to help them cope with the pressures of being a suburban housewife.

After a short demonstration on how to use a bong (and supplying them with a vaporizer, plenty of water and of course, some Doritos--because we all know there will be munchies) they let rip on the bong and the camera captured their reactions.

The results are, well they are just a joy to watch, from the opening moments all the way through to the finish, conveying a really lovely semblance of innocence (which i don't think is intentionally mant to be implied) that these three grandmas display as they talk about how the effects are weed are making them feel while playing Jenga and Cards Against Humanity.

The highlight of the video (for me) happens at around thrty minutes into their experience when Paula mentions how "the muscles in my neck seem not as tight, it seems like there's a lot of benefits to it" and Dorothea (the lovely lady in the middle), by now in a state of complete hysterics, and with a stoned smile on her face. says, "I totally lost track of what you were talking about. I really don't care if I understand!"

And in that short response the connection is made between generations as you realise that they are just like you and you are just like them when you get high.

It's a wonderful moment.

Whether you see this as propaganda for the benefits of a wider legalisation of marijuana in the US, or are shocked that three respectable left-wing ladies are promoting the use of a 'gateway drug', try to put those thoughts aside for a while and just enjoy the moment and remember:

"No grandmas were harmed in the making of this video".


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