Moms Porn FAIL! You Wonder What's Coming Next As 'Moms Guess What Porn Terms Mean'

Watching these moms trying to put descriptions to sexual slang is not only embarrassing but a total moms porn FAIL! It's almost reassuring that they have no idea what the terms mean (after all, this could be YOUR mom) as they bring totally new interpretations to classic themes like 'Glory Hole' and 'Money Shot'

Their answers will have you doubling over in stitches as they try to grapple with what exactly each phrase means, but it leaves you feeling, what can content creators come up with next to push the envelope and top this?

Don't get me wrong, i really like this kind of content, it highlights that our concept and thinking that the older generation are so straight-laced and prudish is totally wrong, they were doing exactly what we do when they were our age, they just did it differently and had other words for it, which we mistake for 'boring'.

Do any of you feel like it's starting to feel like 'another week, another video' of a mom/grandma/parent/older generation doing something way out of their comfort zone which is probably deeply embarrassing for themselves and their family (if they actually watch these videos?) as they take up the latest sugar-coated challenge.

Mothers Take A 'Moms Porn' Word Test

Moms Porn FAIL As Moms Guess What Porn Terms Mean - 99.

This week it's a study into moms porn terminology with these poor ladies trying to figure out just how good their knowledge of modern porn is by guessing at just what some of the modern-age acronyms and buzz-words mean when it comes to making whoopee and bumping uglies in front of the camera for the adult film market.

It makes for some great entertainment for the millennial masses as they watch their elders struggle to come to terms with the strangeness of today's youth culture. You are left feeling reassured that moms porn is not something that any of these women would get straight A's in if they sat an exam on the subject.

Recently we've had some great content around this theme, from the innocence of 'Grandmas Trying To Define Modern Slang Terms', through to 'Parents Tell Kids About The Birds And The Bees For The First Time' and 'Parents Playing 'Truth Or Drink' With Their Children', notching up a few gears to '3 Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time' alongside '3 Retired Cops Take Hits From The Bong For The First Time'.

What's Next After Moms Porn?

Moms Porn FAIL As Moms Guess What Porn Terms Mean-02.

So where exactly do you go from here? I'm scratching my head trying to think what type of video content could come next that wouldn't cross that very fine line of entertainment from something that is safe and sugary into something that is over-the-top and seriously offensive. I'm sure 'Grandmas talk about their favorite sexual positions' would push it over the edge. Or maybe i'm getting too old when it comes to millennial social munchies to have a clear idea any more where the line in the sand lies.

Anyway, for now we have this fine video, made to make us laugh, get shared by thousands on Facebook and Twitter, notch up millions of views on YouTube and leave everyone feeling happy they were part of it.

But i fear that this genre will very soon be coming to a very dead end. Enjoy.

Moms Porn FAIL As Moms Guess What Porn Terms Mean - 03.

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