The Christini II-Track Snow Utility Bike Is A Motorcycle Crossed With A Snowmobile

When it comes to journeying through snow, you probably wouldn't automatically think of jumping on a motorcycle and heading out onto the white stuff. But that might all change thanks to the Christini II-Track Snow Utility Bike.

The bike uses the All Wheel Drive (AWD) component of their motorcycles to power the front and rear, but instead of wheels the bike has moving tracks so it can travel on snow with ease.

The bike has been built for both recreation and military use. But at the moment the track system is patent pending, the company says, but Christini have released details of how it works.

The bike utilizes a small snow track centered between a split ski, which is positioned between the front forks and will assist in flotation. This will be driven from the front hub which is powered by the AWD drive system.

The integration of the track into the split ski will be adjustable for various conditions like hard packed snow, soft powder, mud, and sand. And its front position will mean it's also used as a breaking system.

Also what makes the bike interesting is the system will be compatible with some current CHRISTINI AWD Motorcycles. For instance you can use the CHRISTINI AWD 450 four stroke or 300 two stroke motorcycle as a base machine and get the snow track system added onto it.

The company will release more details about the vehicle hopefully later this year. Meanwhile, you can check out some pictures of the bike below.


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