Best Trickshots Ever - Move Over David Beckeham, This Australian Kid Is A Master Of The Soccer Ball

We all know, or at least are told, that practice makes perfect—which means that this super skilled soccer player, Jed Duncan from Australia, who posts videos under his YouTube channel Football08, must have spent hours, possibly days, even weeks, practicing these soccer trickshots.

Positioning a plastic trash can in the distance, an impressive distance too, he then proceeds to casually kick a ball as it soars, satisfyingly, straight to its destination. If he wants it to, that is.

What makes it even more impressive is that Jed is just a kid, not a professional superstar soccer player, or some guy who has been doing this for years. He's a kid people (and especially soccer managers), sign him up quick.

Some of his trickshots involve him bouncing the ball a few times before it lands in its target. Others involve a basketball net. All involve awesomeness.

Not sure how exactly old he is, but surely he has a career taking free kicks for the Australian national soccer team ahead of him. Or he could always betray his country, change nationalities, and come play for the US team.

Check out some more of his soccer radness below.

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