Irish Soccer Fans Dent A Car's Roof, Then Proceed To Fix It With Some DIY Repairing

The European Championships are taking place over in France, where countries from throughout Europe compete to see who has the greatest soccer team in the continent. There's been some trouble over there from a small minority of some of the fans, notably supporters of the English and Russian teams.

But a welcome counterbalance to their bad behavior is the fans of the Irish team. In this video you can see them exemplifying what a group of fans abroad should be like. Because when they accidentally make a huge dent in the roof of a stranger's car, they firstly set about stuffing notes in the window as some compensation.

Then, restoring your faith in humanity further, they proceed to undergo some kind of ritual roof fixing exercise, singing "Fix the car for the boys in green" while banging on the roof until the dent disappears.

After their accomplishment they begin cheering in unison, holding plastic beer glasses in the air triumphantly, and celebrating their general awesomeness.

Another act by the Irish supporters that goes towards them winning the championship for best fans ever, is when hundreds of them serenaded a French woman with Frankie Valli’s "Can’t Take My Eyes Off You."

Describing the experience to the Daily Mail the woman, Carla Roméra, said: "I am very proud of the Irish. It was a magical time filled with kindness and joy."

You can watch the magic moment below.

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